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WordPress 4.3 Billie Adds Site Icons

WordPress 4.3 “Billie”, named in honour of jazz singer Billie Holiday, adds a few things here and there, but it’s the site icon that I like most.

Remember we have to manually add a favicon.ico file to the root directory, or use a third party WordPress plugin? No more such hassle! Now you can sit back and simply pick an image from your media library (or upload a new one) of at least 512 pixels wide and tall, and boom! you’ve got yourself a site icon.

More importantly, it also doubles as an app icon, which shows up nice and neat when you add your website to home screen on a smartphone or tablet, and forget about those stupid links in your head tags. Isn’t that lovely?


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Whether Taylor Swift likes it or not

LAST CHANCE to upgrade: get Adobe Creative Cloud COMPLETE TODAY (MAY 29) for only US$29.99/mo, requires prior purchase of ANY single app e.g. Ps (Photoshop) of CS3 or later https://creative.adobe.com/plans?store_code=ca&promoid=KSDPZ Reduced price good for 12 months. You get EVERYTHING incl. Ai (Illustrator), Id (InDesign) etc. Must have for multimedia designers. And yes, this pricing model IS the future, from Microsoft Office 365 to Spotify, whether Taylor Swift likes it or not.

Featured Image: Creative Cloud Mosiac by Kylli Sparre at Be (Behance).

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A Day in the Life of an iPad Lawyer

An informative Day in the life of an iPad Law … er, Warrior @OBAtoday #TECHxpo 2.0, thanks to @JilllMayer @ChrisJaglowitz @OmarHaRedeye @DanPinnington &others.

Photo by @DanPinnington w/ yours truly (@Nameslave) obviously in that hip (quoted) @Topman blazer and a now obsolete iPad Air.

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Chrome overtakes Firefox and closing in on Internet Explorer

The latest browser war verdicts are in. #Chrome (by #Google) (25.69%) overtakes #Firefox (25.23%) and closing in on Internet Explorer (40.63%) in November 2011, according to gs.statcounter.

This brings back some fond memories, when my once beloved Netscape Navigator fell from heaven to hell in just a few years by Y2K, and I reluctantly started tailoring websites for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (even though they did not comply with web standards and were full of holes, at least back then). Not sure if I should be glad or what, but history does repeat itself, and this time around, we witness IE’s market share shrinking noticeably (from 48.16% a year ago) while Chrome almost doubles up (from 13.35%) and Firefox losing its fire (fell from 31.17%).

But unlike 10 years ago, most browsers these days (or at least their up-to-date versions, unless you are still using IE6) are relatively standards-compliant, and web designers know very well how to make their products cross-browser safe and compatible.

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Embrace for impact

I for one am not a big fan of those TOTALLY USELESS “parking” pages, with ad placements that are “misleading” to say the least. But we are still living in Capitalism after all, and there’s very little we can do.

More importantly, it’s technically difficult to define “proper use” of domain names. How about an “under construction” page? And how about an under construction page with ad placements? Are we going down the dangerous path of censoring content at the registrars’ level (like some “cowboy” registrars already doing)?

Industry outsiders may not know, but domain names could be used for backend purposes like mail, data and name servers as well. So who is to judge if a domain name is “properly used”?

The closest we could get is perhaps to incorporate a justification policy like that for IPs, but I doubt it’s even relevant when we’re heading to a brave new world of .whatever gTLDs, not to say domain names as we knew have already become less critical (essential) with Facebook and Twitter. Embrace for impact.