From Multimedia
to Social Media

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Profoundly influenced by #Bauhaus, @Nameslave unrepentantly embraces #Minimalism: a truly #multimedia messenger in the McLuhan sense. He also likes Patrik Ervell, Wong Kar-wai and IKEA.


Having a unique website design is important part of the branding and marketing process of your business

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From ready-to-print business cards to 30 seconds video ads (and any media in between), we've got you covered.

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Build it and they will come? Not necessarily so. We use social media and SEO to boost audience engagement.

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If you have been struggling with social media strategy, management, or advertising we can help

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Our Services

From multimedia to social media, we build and design every essential part in between that helps you engage and interact with your (potential) clients.

Online Store

We offer web development services for any kind of business or industry

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Videos to go

From 6 seconds bumpers to 15 minutes presentations, your videos are always good to go.

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Social Marketing

Target (and RE-target) custom audiences with branded links and pixels.

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Chat Apps & Bots

Talk to your (potential) customers in real time, or use chatbots while away.

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Virtual Events

Plan your next seminar, AGM or even wedding totally online, or add live stream as an option.

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Remote Training

We offer E-Learning apps for one-on-one coaching, small group discussion and school-based curriculum.

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From Multimedia
to Social Media

Outsource your social media management, starting at $365 per year.

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Our History

First Paid Job

It was 20+ years ago when we got our first contract: to develop for US$1,000.


Pro Bono

Transferred ownership of to Ontario Bar Association. A small donation of ours to a local NGO.


5-Figure Sale

Sold for US$10,000 to then owner of DNForum and later Vice President of GoDaddy.


Reinventing Nameslave

COVID-19 changes everything, and we are reinventing Nameslave to embrace this new normal.



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